Annual Camp 2013

Hello Everyone,

Annual Camp 2013 has been booked. We will be staying in the Lough Keel Scout Campsite ( in Roscommon from Saturday 27th of July to 3rd August.

The annual camp will be attended by the Monday and Thursday Scout sections, and the venture section from Brackenstown scouts. In the spirit of the gathering (, we have invited a group of Scouts from Germany. They have yet to confirm their attendance.

The camp site where we will be staying is very close to the Lough Key forest park (you would be forgiven for mixing up the names of the camp site and the forest park). Lough Key has loads of great facilities and activities. ( Here is a taster of what we will likely be getting up to:

- Swimming in the Lake
- Rowing out to an Island on Lough Key and Bivying
- Zip Lines (
- Boda Borg (

At present we are still in the planning stages. Therefore the exact cost hasn’t been worked out. We expect that it will cost below the €200 mark and as low as possible.

Please let us know if you will be coming along so that we can plan around the numbers.


The Monday Leaders

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