Beekeeping and Fishing at Annual Camp

At annual camp some of the scouts took part in fishing and beeing keeping.

We started with bee keeping,the bee keeper has his bee hives on the site we stayed in, behind our kitchen/common area. Before we went into the bee hive area the bee keeper explained that we must stay calm and not swat the bees so that they wouldn’t sting us. We sat with him as he told us all about how the bee hives work, the different types of bees, how they live and make honey and showed us the different parts that make up the bee hive. It was very interesting. We watched as he opened up one hive to show us the bees and where they live and make honey. We even got to hold a drone bee, they have no sting so it couldn’t hurt us! We then went into a room he showed us how they take the honey from the hive and put it into jars. We even got to taste the honey from the hive.

We then met the fisherman, they began by showing us pictures of the different types of fish that live in the lake that we might be luck enough to catch. We went to the lake, also on the campsite so we had very little walking to do :) They showed us how to work the rods and put the bate on the hooks, sweetcorn, which they said works the best. We took turns using the fishing rods and most scouts caught at least one fish some got 3 or 4! One even caught a fish that the fishermen did not know was in this lake.

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