Teamwork & Leadership

Teamwork and Leadership are important skills. Scouts gives you a unique opportunity above many other activities to develop these skills. Teamwork and Leadership are skills like any other skill (e.g. pioneering, hillwalking etc) and as such can be learned and mastered. Here are two presentations on Teamwork and Leadership.


Patrol (A Team of Scouts)

In scouts we work in teams that Baden Powell called Patrols. These patrols are normally made up of between 7 and 10 scouts.

Patrol Leaders and Assistant Patrol Leaders

A patrol is lead by a Patrol Leader (also called PL) and an Assistant Patrol Leader (APL). It is the job of the PL and APL (like a leader of any type) to facilitate the patrol to achieve it’s common purpose and goals. The PL and APL also represent the Patrol members to the PLs council. The PLs council is a meeting where the scout events and activities are planned.

Over and above the qualities of a good leader discussed in the leadership presentation, there are further qualities that would make for a great PL or APL:

- Interested and Enthusiastic About Scouts
- Capable of Representing Patrol Members at PL Council
- Comes to most if not all meetings
- Comes to all events (unless has a good reason)
- Respects and Appreciates what Scouts is about
- Accepts the will of the Patrol

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